Friday, February 06, 2009

So do you read a lot of books?

I know a few people that do...and Library Thing is a great place to catalog all of the books that you have read or want to read. You can share with other readers and review the books you have read. For me I think it's a great way to put up books that I want to read without having to keep a list on paper or on my computer. I simply joined and added books that I've read and also books that I plan to read into my catalog and now I can go back and just with a quick glance at the book covers I can remember what I've read and what I still want to read. I love it!!!

So now it's friday night and my sister is here visiting for the weekend and I am going to start organizing my scrapbook stuff in preparation for an online crop on sunday and also my weekend crop coming up in March. I can't wait for that, I hope to get about 40-50 layouts completed during that weekend! It's all about being prepared in advance!

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