Sunday, February 08, 2009

Suffolk Wave

This is something that I'm already familiar with so it wasn't something I had to research and read about. I already have the Overdrive Media on my laptop because I downloaded it last March when I was planning to burn a book to CD for my mom but for some reason I never got that far but did 'borrow' the book.

I am currently reading the Friday Night Knitting Club and I just downloaded the Audio book from Suffolk Wave and I might go ahead and listen to a couple of the chapters. While I personally prefer to read books the old fashioned way I think that Suffolk Wave is a great tool for people that commute or just enjoy listening to books or for those that like to read the Ebooks as well. The music and video collection on Suffolk Wave has expanded quite a bit since I last browsed through there but I think there is still some more work to be done in terms of the selection available.

Do you have the digital library technology available to you where you live? What do you think of it? Like I said, I prefer the printed word as opposed to 'listening' to books but that's just one person's opinion.


June said...

Linda, I am enjoying learning about all these different systems just from reading your blogs!! Thanks for sharing what you are finding.

ScrapnKel said...

I'm unaware of it, but I do love a good book and if I was travelling alot, I'd sure check into it!