Friday, February 06, 2009


And I don't mean the brownies that are going in my oven at the moment! I am talking about a great website and tool for searching as well as saving your own bookmarks so that you can access them from other computers! This is probably my favorite new thing I have learned so far while doing the activities for the Web 2.0 stuff at work. Honestly in the past I have been frustrated with how to save my precious bookmarks if I would upgrade my computer or if I was using another computer and couldn't remember the links to certain sites (I've even gone so far as to email myself important links so that I would have them at my destination if I was traveling!).

I created an account at Delicious last night and imported all of my bookmarks so now whenever I log in they are all there, no matter what computer I'm using! What a great idea and a huge time saver for me. Another really great way to use Delicious is tags and I played around with that last night a bit and this morning and I was really impressed with it. As a scrapbooker it is a great tool for me to use because while I thought I had a lot of websites saved I loved all of the ones that came up when I simply typed "scrapbooking" in the tags and did a search! I found an amazing site with these gorgeous stamps by clicking on a bookmark on Delicious...I'm excited, could say that...I feel like a whole new way of finding scrapbooking/stamping stuff has opened up to me and it will help me find things that I don't see every day in the regular craft stores.

I think putting tag clouds on the OPAC is a great idea and another way for patrons and library staff to further search for related items in a specific area of interest! I can already tell that Delicious is going to be something I will use and frequently!

Now speaking of those brownies...check out this awesome baking pan I found on a bookmark just by searching brownies on Delicious!


June said...

Linda, that is a great pan, I do like the edges on my brownies!! Delicious definitely sounds like something I need to check out. Thanks for sharing what you find on your blog!!


Anonymous said...

very special pas love it
I like edges