Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday update

Mom was in the hospital until saturday, I couldn't get her out of there fast enough...I caught medication errors 3 times and if someone hadn't been there she would have been given meds at the wrong time or not received the ones she was meant to have. **Insert rolling eyes** You gotta love some hospitals, right? This is why if you have a family member who cannot speak for themselves whether they are not conscious or they are memory impaired like mom is you HAVE to be so careful and monitor everything.

The coumadin levels are back down and we will restart it again soon but at a much lower dose and get twice weekly lab work done, hopefully that will prevent anymore issues like this from coming up again.

I managed to attend Rock of Ages again yesterday and boy did I have a good time, it was better the second time around! I would see that show every week if I didn't have to trek all the way into Manhattan for it because sometimes you're at the mercy of the public transportation system like I was last night. What should have been a simple 1 hour and 20 minute ride home turned into a nightmare when there was a fatality on the tracks ahead of us at the next station! All service was suspended and they sent buses to take everyone to their stops, I was only 30 minutes from home and yet it took me until 10:20 to make it through the front door 3 hours later! Our bus driver even managed to get lost when she was seperated from the other buses, oh joy! But...having said all of that I made it home and I am glad that I went to the show and got to see my friends, Sandi, Sean and Jillian.

Thank God for my wonderful husband who yet again stepped up and took care of mom and got her bedtime medication for her and made sure she was ok until I got in. I don't know what I would do without him?

2 weeks until Robert gets home, holy cow!!! WooT!!!!!

And just because I thought it was really fun to post an old picture the other's another one...circa 1974, man aren't those the coolest mittens I'm wearing? My mom knitted those for me. :-) I hope I burned that coat at some point, LOL!!


Anonymous said...

nice picture,
you have an exciting life
thanks for Denise
hope igoes fine this time
love Madeleine

Laura said...

Happy to hear your mom is home and doing well.
As far as Constantine, well, you know how I feel about him - blech! At least you heard some good tunes though:)

And yes, your hubby's a keeper.

Now, about that coat.......HO, HO, HO! LOL

Nancy n Paul said...

Paul wants to kow a few things:
1. Why are you wearing a santa coat?
2. Where is that picture taken?
3. Did INS come early?