Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First snow!!

We had our first snow today and I have been waiting for this so that I could see Pookie's reaction to it all and boy was it worth the wait!!

First the precipitation was more like a frozen ice/hail type stuff so the deck was frozen and she was slipping and sliding all over the place and it was so funny to watch!

Daisy of course has been through a couple of winters already and loves to eat snow and she was busy trying to catch snowflakes in her mouth which I love to watch! She's so much fun in the fall and winter, this is her time of year being part Husky, of course!

Today mom did very well with her physical therapy and the therapist will come back 1 or 2 times this week which is great! We are starting the coumadin again but at a much lower dose and the levels are going to be checked twice a week at first to see how she does with the lower dosage. Hopefully we can get her levels at a therapeutic level so that we can prevent any more clotting from happening while we work to relieve the swelling in the leg from the existing clot that she has now. For now we are anticipating our visitors that will begin arriving on sunday!! Bring on Christmas and New Year's and then after that....well let's bring on SPRING!! HAHAHA!!

The cold months of winter are horrible and I have to say that January and February are my least favorite months of the year but at least there is some good television and I am looking forward (along with mom) to the new season of American Idol and also a new show starting next month called Superstars of Dance!


Anonymous said...

that is a little snow

we had SNOW

hope Denise like it a little

Love Madeleine

June said...

Linda, Pookie is just absolutely adorable!! Love those first time experiences, for kids or puppies.

Sounds like you and your Mom have some fun plans after the holidays, and Robert about to arrive!!!! CLAP! CLAP! Give that boy a hug from us, too, please!!!

Was worried you may have been affected by all the power outages.

Still waiting for the snow here in lower Indiana, it skipped us and hit Louisiana - hunh? Hitting Wisconsin today and headed east from there, still nothing down here. I'm not complaining, winter doesn't officially start until Sunday LOL I know we'll get our share, and if it doesn't happen until a little later, I'm cool with that.

Y'all stay safe and warm and dry!!