Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's thursday and the week is almost done!

It's almost Christmas and the decorations are up and it's pretty with all of the lights here, mom enjoys looking at the tree in the living room but this one is in her bedroom and it gives her the festive feeling right there nearby thanks to Nancy. :)

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of my stepdad's death and while mom doesn't always know the date or even the day of the week I think somehow she knew because she was very emotional yesterday, more than normal. Tomorrow is December 12th and it would have been their 16th wedding anniversary.

I've been doing a little crafting when I get a chance, I made a few holiday cards and used my new Martha Stewart branch punch which I love!!

This 2 page layout turned out cute, I love doing gingerbread with Alex every year but he didn't seem too interested in taking photos as usual...I had to manage with what I could get. Check out mom's little picture in the apron as she was enjoying the cookies as well. :)

11 days until Robert comes home!!

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June said...

Linda, that is such a pretty tree in your Mom's room, and just love the layouts doing the cookies.

Can't believe Robert is almost home, how wonderful!!! Please give him some hugs from one of his other 'Moms'

Love you