Wednesday, April 01, 2009

364 more days until I turn 50!

Yeah, I'm nuts!

So last night Jim and I had a great dinner together and then went to walk around a bit at a shopping center near the Applebee's that we ate at...I do love my Applebee's and you can't beat their 2 for $20 with the appetizer and 2 entrees! We talked about lots of stuff but we both agreed that we are going to try to do this more often, we used to go out one night a week without fail but that has fallen to the wayside lately and we are going to make an effort to at least try every other week. I had gotten a Fashion Bug catalog in the mail and saw a cute top in there that I liked but when I went online they were sold out of it so Jim went into Fashion Bug with me and I found the exact top in there and in my size! Wooo! I was so happy and I wasn't sure if it was because I found the top I wanted or that my husband was willing to go into a woman's clothing store with me. LOL!!

I have been a little behind lately because I was prepping for my crop, among other things, so I hadn't posted some pictures in a while. Here is Robert's new 'ride' that he picked up...sadly she is a little scratched up due to him hitting into a patch of sand last week and he had to 'ditch the bike' so that he wouldn't get badly hurt. It's all cosmetic stuff and it will get fixed soon, I'm sure.

I so love the fact that all my boys are back together again and it was funny that the older ones were sitting on Alex's bed watching TV and hanging out and they were posed almost the same so I told Alex to get in the act so I could take a photo of them.

And I can't resist sharing this layout that I did last week, I had to take a current photo of me with all 3 of my sons in order to finish the layout and I think it turned out really nice.


Ginger said...

Great layout! Good for you for picking up something just for you! You deserve it and you deserve that date night with hubby, too! Thinking of you!

June said...

Love the layout with the boys!! That's great that you and hubby are getting date nights.


Anonymous said...

I thing I had sent you a e-card
but din't see that you open i am
so sorry if I am late but Happy birthday any way
love Madeleine

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Aw Linda! Great post! I love date nights and find them quite essential in our busy & chaotic lifestyles. Woo hoo on the shirt too! Adore the layout!