Sunday, June 29, 2008

Preparing for our V.I.P.

When I can I sit at my scrap table and work up a layout to keep me relaxed and this is a 2 page layout that I completed recently to remember Alex's field trip to Commerce Plaza-a mock business place where children learn about the work place, it was great to chaperone this trip and I'm glad I scrapped it to remember it. Alex was the mail courier and he had a great time!

We have a very important person who is coming to stay with us (VIP) and we have started preparing for her, mom is coming to join us here in New York for a while or at least until she is well enough to be able to live on her own again, only time and God will give us that answer.

We always knew we had some storage space under the stairs but it was closed up and we didn't use it. Jim decided to open it up and it now will serve as a great space for his musical equipment and it is easy access to get his stuff in and out of the house for when he does his jam sessions/open mic nights down the block.

Alex is very excited to know that his grandma will be living with us and he is more than willing to pick up a power tool to help out when we need it, he's such a great kid!!

Dad showed Alex how to wet down and peel off that old wallpaper that has been on the wall for years and once he got the hang of it he did both walls all on his own! Great job Alex!!

To be continued.....


Paul & Nancy said...

You look good with power tools alex!

Anonymous said...

Alex, you rock! What a wonderful son you are to help out your dad and mom.

Anonymous said...

You guys must be so excited that the V.I.P. is coming to stay with you. I know you guys will take good care of your V.I.P. Great job Alex helping mom and dad.