Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer is finally here!

We made it through another school year and in the fall Alex will start 6th grade or middle school as we now call it. I can't believe my little boy is done with elementary school.

Alex received the Principal's honor roll for academics and we are so proud of him. Notice in this photo he is wearing his "Saint Jason" medal that Uncle Jack gave him and he wears it and takes such good care of it. Just yesterday he said to me, "Mom I'm playing this video game that cousin Jay gave me before he died." I am happy that he has things to remember his cousin by.

Here is Alex giving his 5th grade teacher a hug, she was so kind and loving and patient with him this year, I will forever be grateful to her for everything she did for our son.

It's the last day of school and of course it's time to celebrate and I usually do something special with Alex like go out for lunch and we always stop in at the library to sign up for the Summer Reading Club (of course!!). This year I decided to be a little crazy and have some fun so check out the video. I love Silly String, don't you? hehehe!!

Me and my soon to be middle school student! We are sure ready for the summer!!


Just A Scrappy Gal said...

I love it! I SOOOO hope B always treats me with respect as Alex seems to do to you! That video made me smile!!!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are whit you and your family

Love Madeleine

congratulation to Alex

Anonymous said...

Great video! :)

Alex looks so grown-up and handsome! Congrats to him on his academic achievements!! Thank goodness Summer is here in your house Lin.


June said...

Awww, now how much fun was that!!! LOL Happy Summer Alex!!