Saturday, June 07, 2008

Three weeks...and other ramblings...

It's been three weeks since Jason's car accident and still he continues to linger in a coma and this is what I do daily, I visit with him, I talk to him and I hold his hand so that he knows I am with him. Today was such a beautiful and sunny day with a warm breeze and even though it was very hot in the city we enjoyed temperatures mostly in the low 80's. This morning I told Jim that Jason would have been out fishing or doing something else outdoors because it was rare that you would find him not enjoying a gorgeous day like this.

I spoke to mom on the phone earlier this evening and she was having a really hard time finding her words and when I asked her if she had any visitors she couldn't remember the names of her neighbors and that just broke my heart and I told her their names, Tammy and Bill. They are the kindest and most loving people you could ever meet and mom just loves them so much and the feeling is mutual. I know that her memory is going to be a problem with this type of tumor but it still makes me feel bad for her when I can hear her struggling to remember a word or a name or a phone number. Still I am grateful that I was able to help her remember.

Jim and Alex spent the afternoon cleaning out and filling up our pool to get it ready for the summer ahead and Alex was very excited to tell me that he cleaned it all by himself. He then proceeded to tell me that he was charging me $12 an hour and he worked for 5 hours. Too funny! I love that kid so much! Where would I be without him?

And finally....I'm struggling...I did this beautiful 2 page layout recently and the original title was BLOOM but I didn't really feel I would use that so I changed it up to be MOM and now I'm having a hard time with putting the pictures and journaling on the pages because I get sad when I look at pictures of mom and I together lately and I guess that is normal because I miss talking to her like we used to chat. Even though she's in Florida I would talk to her sometimes 4-5 times a day about this or that or sometimes nothing. I guess I will eventually complete these pages but for now they sit in my folder of unfinished work.


Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Aww Linda, my heart aches for all on your plate right now! Please know you are in my thoughts, as well as your family. What a gorgeous page you completed also!

mama j said...

((hugs)) to you! I love that photo though--so precious, even though it's painful too! May the Lord bless you and keep you . May he make his face shine upon you and GIVE YOU PEACE.


June said...

Hugs and prayers my friend. Your heart will know when the time comes to finish the page, and it will be just right.

Praying for strength, comfort and peace for you and your family.