Saturday, January 19, 2008

NFC Championship game!

Wow, I'm actually excited that tomorrow is a huge football game and I can't wait to sit on the couch and watch with everyone here, no matter what the outcome! I went out to Walmart and picked up some munchies and goodies tonight and since Jim is working overtime tomorrow I will now be home all day (had to give up my shift at work) so I think I'm going to whip up a batch of lasagna roll ups and some deviled eggs in addition to the usual hot wings, mozzarella sticks, chips and salsa and pretzels....oh yeah and cheese and crackers.

It's been a busy week and having another week behind us brings us that much closer to Hawaii!! Yippeee!!! I worked 3 days this week and completed a huge project in the basement storage area and I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out, I just hope it stays that way. We are moving books around and weeding the collection at the library to make room, our stacks are literally bursting at the seams and we have to get rid of the old to make room for the new stuff.

This past monday I had an ultrasound done on my back in the chiropractor's office and I hope to get the results of that at my next appointment this coming monday afternoon.

As far as scrapbooking goes this week I am pretty much just planning and preparing for a crop that I'll be attending next weekend so I haven't actually done anything to speak of but after next weekend I'm sure I will have loads done. I've set a goal for myself now and that is to complete Robert's deployment book from his first tour of duty so that I can give it to him when he comes home in March...I sure hope I can get it done.

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