Sunday, January 13, 2008

And we are Hawaii bound!!!!

Wow, what a day!! I finally went ahead and booked our flights...we leave for Hawaii in 6 weeks!! I am beyond excited and can't wait to see Robert again and give him a huge hug!!! I am so ready for this deployment to be over and finally be able to say that my son won't have to deploy again before he gets out of the Marine Corps...he will go back to Hawaii after his post deployment leave but will be back home for Christmas this coming year and be DONE DONE DONE!!! The plan is for him to go to college now and I know he is really looking forward to that...he talks about it all the time.

We will be heading up to the north shore for the first few days because the last time we stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort we weren't very happy with the experience for various reasons and after I wrote and complained they sent me a complimentary 3 night stay and a free dinner for 2 in one of their restaurants. This place is about $295 a night so this is quite a deal that we're getting this for free!!

I also rented us a convertible car this time and that should be loads of fun for all of us to drive around with the top down in Hawaii and see the sights...I know we are really looking forward to that.

We had a chance to talk to Robert today online and then he called for a few minutes so I was able to tell him of our travel plans and I'm happy that he knows when we'll be there now. I managed to get us on the non stop flight out of New Jersey and I hope that I don't regret that...being on a plane for 11 hours straight...I hope Alex sleeps some of the way there...I am sure on the way home he will sleep since we leave Honolulu at 10:45pm to fly back the day that we return.

Sooo.........the GIANTS won today and I really wish I had my camera sitting next to me because Jesse jumped on top of his cousin and his dad at the end of the game and it was the most hysterical thing to see in person! Next week we take on the Packers in Green Bay...good luck, hahahaha!!! It was just nice to see the Giants beat Dallas today, loads of fun and a great game.


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How exciting! I can really tell you are excited! Woo hoo

Ginger said...

How fun! I'm excited for you! lol

Go Packers! ;)