Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giants are off to the Superbowl!!!

Wow, I am absolutely exhausted and yet so wired I don't know if I can sleep yet...what an amazing game that was tonight...hard fought and the Giants pulled it out and won, I still can't believe it! Thank you to Mary for the phone call near the end of the game--a true gem among Packer fans to call me and tell me that she was pretty sure the Giants were going to win just by the way her team was playing...amazing...and I know you will be right there with us cheering for the Giants in 2 weeks, my friend.

Here is the winning moment captured by my camera and yes, Jesse is in mid air here!!

And for your added viewing pleasure, here is the winning moment on video...this will be fun to watch and remember over and over!!

You gotta love football to act like this, right? Can't wait for the Superbowl!! Bring on the Patriots...we're on a roll!!!!


mom said...

I wish we were there and I am happy for my special man his special team.

justascrappygal said...

How fun! Yeah for you guys!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome video and picture Lin. It looks like "exhausted joy"! What a ride! Bring on the Pats, I'll be rooting loud and proud for the Giant's on Super Bowl Sunday!

Go G-Men!!


Anonymous said...

Lets go Pats.Its going to be a good game. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Lets go Pats.Its going to be a good game. Good Luck

BeanSproutMom said...

I was hoping for a GB win, but it's long as they beat the Pats I'll be ok with it!