Saturday, January 05, 2008

Moving along in 2008

We are already going into the 2nd week of a new year and time is just flying now that the holidays are behind us...I just can't wait until I can see Robert again and I can take that deep breath of RELIEF. We missed having him with us this year but he was doing his job and that makes the rest of us safe over here and able to enjoy the holiday season and for that we are grateful to him.

I checked in on Let's Bring Em Home to see how they did and this is what I saw posted on the site and it just made me so happy and grin like an idiot. This year we raised over $70,000 and helped 135 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines go home for Christmas. Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated this year.

If you are one of my friends/family members who gave for this great cause and you know who you should be proud of yourselves...even if you gave $1 or $5 you are part of that $70 grand that helped bring those 135 very deserving young men and women home to see their families for Christmas.

Today I bought my birthday present, an 8MP camera with printer dock...yippeee!! I have really wanted to upgrade to a higher MP camera for a while now and this upcoming trip to Hawaii is the perfect excuse...not to mention the fact that my hobby is something that I need a good camera for, wouldn't you agree? I also got a refill pack for the printer dock so I have enough ink and paper to print out 170 photos...that should hold me over for a while. I will probably still use a service like snapfish or something cheaper when I have tons of photos to print like after Christmas or a big vacation but I think the printer dock will be awesome to have when I need to print a picture in a pinch to complete a scrapbook page as soon as the inspiration hits me.

I wish that I could say we are all going to Hawaii but to answer your question, oldest will not be able to join us because he's in college and it would be too many days for him to miss so he will have to wait until his brother comes home on leave to see him which is what he did the last time he came back from deployment. I know that Jesse wishes he could go with us but it's just not possible for him and that's ok, it will be fine.

Well, I better get to bed since I have to work in 12 hours....hahahaha!


ScrapnKel said...

That is awesome...70,000...WOW!!! Congrats on the new camera! I'm holding out for a Canon later this year, hopefully for mother's day. Enjoy your new super toy!

Ginger said...

That's so amazing! I love people can be so generous! Yay for a new camera, too! This hobby of ours requires it for sure! :)

I know you'll have a great trip to Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

thats awsome. keep up the great work