Sunday, January 13, 2008

Love the weekends!

I am off for a few days so it's been nice not to have a schedule and just scrapbook and relax in the evening knowing I don't have to work the next day. More pictures of a sleeping kid, they are in abundance as always and when there was a challenge on my scrapbook board to use sleeping kid pictures I just laughed because I have tons and tons of those...I tend to walk around with my camera at night and take pictures of the kids.
I went to the mall yesterday and did some power walking while listening to music on my am I sore today but it was worth it and fun. I spent a bit of time in JC Penney's checking out the clearance racks and picked up a little something to give to Robert for his birthday, can't wait to give it to him when he comes home on leave since his birthday is in May and he won't be home we'll give it to him early. I also got myself a nice long sleeved top for work for $6 and a navy blue camisole for $ are awesome!!

Today is the Giants game and I sure hope they win or there will be much yelling and screaming going on in this house today...hahaha. I'm heading over to Sam's Club later for some 'eats' for the crowd later.

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