Thursday, November 29, 2007

A very worthy cause for the our men and women in uniform!!

I got an email tonight and I just had to blog and post it so that anyone who happens to read my blog from time to time can get the information on how to support our military. From a personal standpoint this organization flew our son home for Christmas last year and I can't even begin to describe how grateful I was for that gift, not to mention hearing the joy in Robert's voice when I called and told him "You've been ticketed!" the morning after he applied for a ticket through LBEH.ORG

It was so wonderful to us as a family to be together for the holidays and I cherish that even more this year because Robert is deployed and won't be home with us this Christmas...but I have the memories of last year thanks in part to the work that LBEH does. If you have it in your heart to donate even just $5 to help them bring a soldier or Marine home this Christmas, please do'll have my gratitude but more than that you will feel so wonderful when you go to the site and you see the tickets that have been issued to those deserving men and women. Take it from one who knows first hand...our son was home with us last year because of the generosity of total strangers who simply donated a few dollars or some airlines miles.

Here is Ernie's Email to me:

Howdy all.

I just wanted to take a minute out and post an update on how LBEH
2007 is going. Right at the giddy'up, a Marine over in Okinawa, Japan
applied for (and received!) a ticket home for Christmas. She was
delighted! So delighted in fact, that I think she told everyone else
in Okinawa about the program, and before we knew it, we had over 30
tickets requests for international flights.

So I dunno if you've ever flown international before, but it ain't
cheap. Tickets are averaging $1,200. Some of you quick at math might
have done that in your head - 30 * 1200 = $36,000 in tickets. And
that's only the international requests - we've got another 100+
domestic ones, too.

To date, we've received $26,000 in donations. it's gotten to the
point where we've been forced to stop taking ticket requests from
some of the international people. I hope now you can see the bind we're in.

You've donated in the couple years past, and we really need your help
this year. There are 4,000 people on this mailing list. If you each
donate $10, we'll be in business and can take care of each of these
soldiers. As a reminder, LBEH is a bonifide 5013(c) non-profit,
meaning your donation, however LARGE or small, is tax deductible!

Please, please, please, please. -- if you haven't already -- please
toss a few dollars our way, we REALLY need your help.

The main site:

The (paypal) donation link:

The (other) donation link:

Thank you for your continued support with this!



justascrappygal said...

What an amazing idea! I was glad to donate! Thanks for bringing it out there Linda!!!

Linda said...

You rock!!!!

Paul & Nancy said...

Always looking for a way to help out. I will have to post this at work. Maybe some Discovery people wantt to pitch in.