Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cookies, scrapbooking and a trip into NYC

It's been pretty busy around here lately and I sometimes wonder where I find the time for it all but I seems to be cutting into my free time...what's up with that?

I mailed Robert a package with the next 4 episodes of their favorite show, "The Unit" on DVD...5 copies so that he'll have plenty to pass around to the whole squad/platoon.

I've been busy getting the cookies done so that I can get the packages out to my Marines in time for the holidays which are fast approaching...hard to believe it but just 26 more sleeps until we arrive on mom's doorstep to celebrate Christmas with her!! So far I have finished up 3 batches of tree and snowman cookies, 9 batches of chocolate chips cookies and 2 batches of rum balls. I still have to make the maple yule log cookies and then I am planning to make some fudge to add to the cookie tins...maybe just a few pieces in each.

Today was a super day in the city for Jim, Alex and I...the weather was glorious and we had a terrific time enjoying the show at MSG's theatre, we went to see Cirque Du Soleil's Wintuk and we really enjoyed it! After the show we enjoyed some delicious pizza at my favorite place in Penn Station and then we made our way up to Times Square to Alex's favorite spot in the world...the Toys R Us...three floors of pure bliss for any kid!!! Alex was very cute in the store and he kept telling me stuff that was so funny I had to keep from laughing out loud...he said that he had to keep breathing because he was so excited he didn't know if he could take it...especially when we hit the Bionicle area. I think we walked around several times before he finally made his choice of what he was going to buy with his money, it was all pretty funny.

After that we walked up a few more blocks and I took Alex into the M&M's store while Jim scooted on over to the Sam Ash music store down the street. The M&M's store is 3 floors and we just walked around and took some pictures and looked at everything in much fun. All in all...a super family day!!!


Paul & Nancy said...

Ok #1 I need fudge. Pls make me some fudge delights for christmas! I am not in Iraq but Washington DC sometimes feels like a war zone especially the metro. Please make your lil sis some fudge :-(

Paul & Nancy said...

Oh yea #2 that's a whole lotta cookies. #3 alex looks cute with all those M&Ms! #4 jim in Sam Ash??? Dangerous!!!!