Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Packages are POSTAL!!

Finally it's done...took me most of the morning to seal up the boxes and put the shipping labels on and of course I had to put the cookies in thanksgiving themed goodie bags. :) I decided to take Alex to the post office with me because well...let's face it....17 packages, I needed the help and I was sure glad that Alex was in a helping mood when he got off the school bus today.

We have HOW many boxes mom?? Wow....that's a lot. When we started to bring them in the post office and we each had 2 in our hands I told the clerk that I still had 13 more in the car and he looked at me and Alex said, "What do you's a mother's love when you have a Marine for a son." I couldn't believe he said that, I was floored!

My friendly post office clerk, Marc behind the mountain of boxes when he was about 1/2 done with my packages.
Alex enjoying his lollipop from Marc while waiting for me to be finished up...gee...think he was tired from carrying boxes in for me?


BeanSproutMom said...

Aww, what a great kid. :) It's awesome you making those packages for his whole squad. You rock!

justascrappygal said...

What a super helper ;) B loves the post office so jumps for the chance to come with me (kinda weird but I'm the same way about mail and the post office, he he).

Your clerk looks ever so thrilled :)

You are doing such a wonderful thing.

ScrapnKel said...

Linda that just are the best! What a super helper you have and you are teaching him such wonderful things as well. WTG!