Saturday, November 03, 2007

Time for another round!

Well it's about time for me to mail out another round of packages to our sons...aka Robert and his squad...all 16 of them. Robert, Cailen, Riley, Derek, Thomas, Detric, Jacob, Ronald, Ruben, Andrew, Luke, Justin, Salvatore, John, Matthew and Nicholas--your Thanksgiving boxes will be mailed out on monday (hopefully!). I just have to address all of the labels and fill out all of the customs forms which is a bit time consuming but I'll get it done tomorrow and have all of the boxes in the car ready to go. It's so nice to have a picture of the 'family' to look at and to inspire me to do more for them...keeps me going until I see them all back safely at KBay in a few months.


ScrapnKel said...

Linda that is just the do so awesome and helping out those special guys. What a blessing you are in all of their lives! Hats off to you and what you do!!!

mom/grandma said...

GOD BLESS YOU It is so rewarding to send packages I will mail mine on Monday,got to bake for my grandsons in the next couple days I will make 2 batches and ship them all.But only[4]

justascrappygal said...

You are awesome!!!!