Monday, July 30, 2007

Online weekend crop

I only managed to finish a few pages this weekend but I'm happy with the ones that I did. This one will be for Robert's deployment book and I like the way that it turned out. That is a picture of his squad.
This is one I did of old school pictures of me and Jim the day that we got married. We went to mom and dad's first and they took a bunch of pictures of us before we left to head to the judge's house on Long Island where we would eventually wind up living after we had kids. :)
And another one with more pictures taken that day by my dad. :)
This is a page I did at a class this week and I added the pictures to it over the weekend. I love taking classes and doing some different fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

wow you were cute.

ScrapnKel said...

Those are GREAT pages Linda!!! That Santa page is adorable too. Did you paper piece that one?

Linda said...

Yes, it was a santa pattern and I cut out the red to add to it. :) Also used flocking on the pom pom, sleeves and hat.

SWEETPEA37814 said...
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