Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All Star Game 2007

I'm a little behind in blogging so I thought I'd get caught up a bit today. Last week was the All Star Game and Alex got picked to play this year since he's moving up to the next league next spring...to play in the Midgets...ages 10-12...yikes...they start pitching to each other at that age...no more coaches pitching to them. We had good weather for the game and had a lot of fun. The team lined up to get ready.
Alex played catcher for a couple innings but he did have to be in the outfield a bit as well. That is one of the most boring positions in Little League because not too many of the kids hit the ball out there but what can you do? A kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do....
I guess Alex decided instead of being bored he would start doing something to keep himself entertained.
Alex got up to bat a few times and he hit and got on base each time which was great!! He's a good player and has a lot of fun out there and it's good for him to be around kids his age since he's alone most of the time with his older brothers being off doing their own thing now.
A group shot of Coach Jim with his 4 All Stars from this year's team.
Yay!!! I'm an All Star and I get another trophy for my room!!!


Anonymous said...

HIL-arious sequence in the outfield. Oh the times I have seen those poses/actions. :)

ScrapnKel said...

Awwwww how cute...LOVE the outfield photos!!! WTG Alex! We didn't get to have All-Star games this year with all the rain-outs.

mom said...

Alex looks like he is having a lots of fun I love all the pics.