Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another very full day here

I started out my day with laundry, as usual....what else is there, right? Jesse went down to the cleaners and picked up Robert's uniform for him so that he could sleep a little bit more, seems he's gotten himself pretty sick with a nasty cold...I think he's just run down from lack of sleep, he's been trying to spend as much time with friends as possible while he's home and I can understand that but I hate to see him sick.

At 12:30 we headed off to his road test and I think he would have rather had a root canal than to be there especially when the 3 inspectors came out and they were all women...I think he was hoping for an ex-Marine or something. There was a long line and we had to wait...and wait...and wait...I think it was about 1:45 when it was finally his turn.

When all was said and done he passed and finally has his license to drive, whoohooo!! As soon as we got home he asked to borrow the car to go visit friends and I let him go.

I made london broil and mashed potatoes for dinner (chicken for Jim) and we started out our dinner with a prayer that Jim offered up and it was so wonderful to have all 5 of us together, I cherish these moments since I know pretty soon Robert will be leaving us to head back to Hawaii and then deploy once more and we won't all be together again until next spring.

After dinner we went to Sears and had our family photos taken which I wanted to do before Robert left. We had a lot of fun and we were all laughing and Alex had a blast. The photographer has young kids and after we took our family photo and she took a beautiful shot of the 3 boys she let Alex play with all the props and she took a bunch of fun pictures of him, she was so sweet with him...it was a lot of fun.


mom/grandma said...

The pictures are beautiful,dont forget 8x10 of the family for me and Alex are really cute.

mama j said...

My word Linda-I keep saying it--but you are SO blessed! I'm so impressed your boys are all willing to do family pictures, dinner, etc. Wow. Great pictures too, btw!! Did your son not have his drivers license??? Is it b/c in NY they don't get it until 17 or 18 (?) and he was already in the military? Explain, my dear!

Mary said...

Congrats Robert! I love the pictures.