Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to get caught up

So it's been almost 10 days since I posted but I have been keeping up with taking my photos for my Picture A Day...still not sure how long I will last but I'm going to do my very best. I worked on a challenge from my scrapbook message board that I am on called Scrap N Chat and it was super fun to do this layout and use some of my goodies from the Quick Quotes private reserve weekend. So this is my picture for the 13th.

Valentine's Day I was working in the evening for the Bingo at work so I had time to run errands during the day and I stopped in and treated myself to lunch. When I came down in the morning Jim had left me a chocolate heart filled with my favorite Whitman's chocolates so I know I'll be enjoying those over the next few delicious piece at a time...but I realized I have to hide it now because when I went to get a piece out of the box a couple days ago there were a few missing that I know I did not eat!! Hmmmm, I think I have been robbed by a certain 13 year old...little thief!!! LOL!!! This pizza that I had is called a Crispino and it was pure is a thin crust sicilian and I was worried it would be crunchy but it was so soft I was delirious!! Anyone who suffers from TMJ like I do will understand! The cheese was sliced very thin and the slices of tomato were delish as was the fresh basil sprinkled all around with the garlic.

On tuesday the 15th it was a really uneventful day so I just decided to take a picture of my shopping bag that I got from the Quick Quotes company when I went to their weekend last September. Every time I look at the bag it reminds me of how much fun I had and that I can't wait to attend their private reserve event again this year. You really can't help but to be inspired when you work with their products, as well.

On Wednesday the 16th Alex wasn't feeling well and had to stay home from school that day, it was his very first absence since the beginning of the school year and I was a bit disappointed that his perfect attendance was out the window but I certainly wasn't going to force him out the door when he just wasn't up to par. He spent most of the day in this position on the couch and I went to work as usual and checked on him a few times during my shift. I am blessed that I work down the street and if he needed me I would be home in 2 minutes.

For thursday I was out shopping and couldn't resist snapping this photo when I saw how beautiful the sky looked when I came out of the store!! The colors don't really show up too well on my camera but I still had to take it. The temperatures were warmer during the latter part of the week and I could really feel that spring is not too far off although I'm sure we will still get hit with more winter before all is said and done.

Friday would be my last day at work until the 25th since I am taking some much needed vacation time to go visit my nephew Cole (and my sister and brother in law of course!) Alex is off from school all week so I am taking him with me so that he doesn't sit home with nothing to do (which usually means he's on his Xbox for hours). We always have a good time when we visit Virginia and this time I was able to get our bus tickets for free when Megabus was having their holiday giveaway of 100,000 free seats! Yay! My random photo is just one of the new stamp sets that I recently bought from Close to My Heart from my friend, Laurie, who is one of their demonstrators.

And now that brings me to sunday, the 20th. Alex and I had to get up really early because we had to catch our express bus at 9:30 in the city. Jim drove us to the train station so we could catch the 6:40am train that got us to Penn Station at 8:00am and we got something to eat (I had a banana and Alex inhaled a fresh croissant) and then I decided to get some Subway so that we would have our lunch for the bus ride. We were both really tired and Alex zonked out on the train for a while and then I had to rest a bit as well, not to mention the fact that it was brutally cold and we had to stand outside for about 1/2 an hour to stake our spot in line for boarding the bus...that is the only really bad part of traveling on the Megabus in the winter months but you deal with it to save on the fare that I would have to pay for Amtrak.

The bus ride was really comfortable and we made awesome time and got to D.C. at 1:45pm and Paul came to get us and we were at their house in no time. Looking forward to the next few days to spend time with them.


Scrappy Gal said...

Poor thing! Sickness is looming in our home again as well!! Nasty cold going around....put me in the resting position 3 days last week, though I'm still not 100%...lots of congestion!

I hear you on the most winter coming...we could only be lucky to call it good at this point, but on a positive note, melting is a lot faster this time of year ;)

Kelly said...

Oh I hope you can keep up with the PAD better than me - I think I made it through to the end of Feb or first of Mar when i tried, lol. Great catch up! We are cold today but was warm all last week. Bring on spring!!