Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Time to catch up a bit

It's been a few days since I posted but I have been making sure to take at least one photo each day!! :) I am really going to make an effort at this picture a day thing...we will see how long I last!!

I have had a heck of a time unpacking from my weekend c
rop back in January and quite frankly it is really hard to be creative when your space looks like a paper explosion!! So these past few days I have been using whatever free time I could squeeze out to just work on cleaning up and putting everything away. My PAD for 1/29 is the before picture of my scrapping space...who could work in that mess? Not me, that's for sure!

And the "after" is my picture for 1/30 and I am pretty happy that I was finally able to clean up and get my space ready to scrap again!! I don't have another weekend planned until August so there is plenty of time for me to be creative at home whenever the mood strikes me so I better have my space ready to go!!

I have recommitted myself to Weight Watchers and getting my body ready for the 5K in May so I have to work with some of the recipes I find on the website or my Weight Watchers cookbook.
Jim went fishing over the weekend and we have loads of fresh COD to eat and I used this recipe for a fish dutch oven bake and it was really very yummy!! I am halfway to my goal weight and I am confident that I will get there! My PAD for 1/31 is my fish bake with veggies. Yummy!!

Wow...we are finally out of the month of January and honestly I would love to fast forward right out of
February as well but hopefully it will just go fast!! The weather has been just so cold and snowy this winter that I long for the days of summer and can't wait for the warmer weather. In the summer I take so many photos because we are outside more and the sunny days make for great photography and then I can spend the winter months scrapbooking all of my summer photos! I guess you can say I am a scrapbook Queen in the winter...and a beach baby in the summer. :)

Today I took my Gypsy to work and she did a fine job on the Black History Month display I was working on for the main floor of the library, I was so very proud of her and how hard she worked...she didn't even take her 15 minute coffee break, can you believe that? It's a good thing she's not the type to let compliments go to her head because she got so many of them today. I will venture to guess that she will be coming to work with me quite a bit in the future, maybe they should put her on the payroll...she's all dressed in her pretty pink, she could blend in and be a library page, don't you think? It was fun to get crikeeee at work :)


Nancy said...

Scrap room looks good!! Get to work.

Kelly said...

Awesome job keeping up so far Linda and you are doing a 5K - that is awesome!!! You go girl!!!