Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 2010

The first week of November was jam packed full of fun and I was really excited that I would be attending 2 concerts that week!!  Our friend, Michael Lombardo, plays bass guitar in a band called “Miggs” and they were playing down on Houston Street on November the 4th and I couldn’t wait!  Jim and I were really hoping to spend a little time chatting with Michael this time around because the last time they came through NY and played at the Boulton Center we really didn’t get to visit with him because he was stuck behind the Meet and Greet table signing and the line was long.


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It was a great evening and we were able to spend time with Michael for a while and that was the best part for Jim, I think.  As for me I had been listening to the Miggs CD since I bought it the last time we saw them so it was really fun to be able to sing along now that I knew some of their music.  Jim used to work with Michael and his dad many years ago and they played music together and he used to always tell Jim that some day he would do something with music and that he wasn’t going to work construction all his life.  Fast forward many years later and Jim found Michael on Facebook (a social networking site) and was really excited and happy for him that he is making music and touring with a band and he is able to do it for a living. 




 The following day my friend, Sandi, came out to visit me because I had tickets to see the band, “Sons of Sylvia” open for Carrie Underwood (she won American Idol on Season 4)  Now if you read my last entry you will remember that I mentioned “The Clarks Brothers” that mom and I watched on The Next Great American Band.  I had lost track of what happened to these young brothers but as I was watching American Idol this past season Carrie Underwood came on the show and introduced, “A great talented band who will coming out on tour with me, “Sons of Sylvia” and when they came out on stage I couldn’t believe it because it was the Clark Brothers and they had changed the name of their band!  The tour was coming to the Nassau Coliseum and I picked up a pair of tickets that originally was supposed to be for me and my friend, Paula, but she couldn’t make it and as luck would have it Sandi was more than happy to step in and buy Paula’s ticket.  We really had a great time together and since we decided not to stay for the whole concert (the look on the security guards faces as we were leaving, “We only came to see the opening band!!” was priceless) we got back to my house early and Sandi decided to drive home instead of spending the night.  I hope I get to see “SOS” again sometime and maybe as a headliner and not an opening band.  Sandi and I made our way to the Meet and Greet table pretty fast after their set was over and we were able to have a photo taken with them.  Ashley, Austin and Adam Clark were super nice to us and I know that mom would have been really excited for me.





On monday, the 8th of November, I went to the movie theatre to see a showing of a Bon Jovi concert with 2 of my friends, Brenda and Eileen.  This was a national event and it was being shown in 500 theatres across the country.  It was loads of fun and we went out to dinner before hand which was really nice.  I’ve really been struggling the past few weeks with my TMJ disorder but somehow I get through everything and I have to say that the music always helps me get through the day if I have an especially painful one.


Alex has been going to the Illustrator’s workshop at the library every friday for quite a while now and on November 12th there was an Art and Photography Showcase and it was really nice to see all of the art that the teens in our community have created.  Alex didn’t get to finish his sketch in time for the showcase but he did have several photographs displayed.  Here he is with a picture of a rabbit he took when we went to Disneyworld this past summer.   He was really proud of this because he got down and crawled on his belly to get close enough to get this shot of the rabbit in the grass at our hotel.  He told me that Mr. Casper (the librarian who runs this program) taught him how to get down to the level of the subject to get a photo like this.  I love that our library has programs like this for our young teens.



As we get closer to Thanksgiving and the holiday season I am bearing down for the long cold winter.  I really do love this time of year when the leaves change colors because it is a beautiful sight to see Mother Nature in action but I do not look forward to what comes after that…once the trees are bare and we have to deal with snow and ice I long for the warm summer days.


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Amazingly enough…due to the sometimes horrible insomnia I suffer from because of my TMJ disorder I am up to date on my blog at the moment.  It is early on sunday morning of the 21st of November and yesterday I had a great afternoon shopping with my friend, Eileen, at the Tanger outlets at the Arches in Deer Park.  We spent our $50 gift card that we got on The View from Tommy Hilfiger and we both got a purse and a purple sweatshirt.  Later on today I will be going to AC Moore to see what I can snag with the 60% OFF coupon I got that is good for today only.  For now…I am going to try to go back to bed and sleep for a bit.  Happy November and Thanksgiving to all!!

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