Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Report card!

Just in case a certain big brother passes through my blog to check out the happenings back home I thought I would post this for you (and all) to see. Alex's report card came in the mail today. I would have to say that he earned that Christmas present he asked for, don't you? His lowest grade was an 82 and that was in music class...hahaha, that just made me laugh, last year his lowest grade was in art!! Now when you have a musician for a dad (who also happens to be an artist) and a mom who is pretty crafty and loves to scrapbook it is just too funny that his lowest grades would be in those subjects but I guess we'll deal with it.

Either way we are very proud of him for doing so well, especially given the fact that he has asked no
t to take his strattera anymore and we agreed to try it out for the beginning of the school year.

Jim was home yesterday and worked on raking more leaves, it seems like a never ending battle every year...these trees are getting bigger and bigger!! I am really happy that he made a nice sliding gate with a leftover piece of lattice we had laying around so that Pookie stays away from Daisy and won't try to attack her or eat her food! Sadly she is old and can't see well and in recent months has started going to the bathroom wherever she feels like it so we have had to keep her in the back room with Daisy but make separate areas for each of them. I think the last straw for me was when she pooped on top of 2 of my blankets that I keep folded under a table in the living room and before that I would constantly find her on top of the dining room table...it just got to be too much to constantly having to be cleaning up after her.

I spent a little bit of time ton
ight working on the centerpieces that I am doing for our staff holiday party/meeting at work. I am enjoying the process of putting them together and I have been using both my Sizzix and my new Cricut Expression. I am making 10 of the centerpieces and there are 2 other people that are making other designs so that we will have a total of 30 centerpieces. Our theme this year is candyland. I will take another photo when I am completely done with all of them, I still have to add the glitter to the swirls and then glue everything on and put the rest of the "candy" in the vases.

Well I think it's about time to go relax and watch the Season Finale of Dancing with the Stars. Goodnight...............

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Nancy said...

Those look like fun. Glitter makes everything look good too. Can't wait to see the finished project.