Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Mom...

...I really miss you today. I've been thinking lately of all of the things I would share with you if you were still with us on this earth.

Tomorrow I will turn 50 years old and you won't be here to celebrate it with me but I know that if you were we would do something really special.

We would chat on the phone about American Idol and who we like on the new season, I am quite sure that you would like Casey because, well...you just liked those cute boys every season, didn't you?

You would have whispered "bitch..." in your funny, loving way when I told you I was going to see Daughtry last week...it really made me laugh every time you did that.

You would be proud of the fact that Alex and I will be doing a day of volunteering at the nursing home where you spent some time last year, I know you'll be smiling down on us that day.

I probably wouldn't be doing a 5K run for brain tumor research if you hadn't been taken from us by that horrible disease but I know we would have been doing something else, we always did something for cancer research every year didn't we?

I miss visiting your beautiful house in Florida, I just miss having that time with you and watching Alex with his grandma. Remember when we went to the beach and you almost lost your shoe in the water?

I miss our trips to Disneyworld and walking around the marketplace and all the fun times we had being silly but weren't we lucky that we had all those memories together?

I wish you were here to see me turn a half a century old but most of all, I wish you were here...I just miss you, mom.


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Hugs my friend. A beautiful letter!