Saturday, March 13, 2010

The concerts have begun....

...for my birthday month!

Last sunday I had the privilege of seeing Five for Fighting perform live with my good friend, Paula. We met up before hand and had a little bit to eat in the cafe at Whole Foods and then drove the 5 minutes to the theatre and enjoyed sitting and chatting over a glass of wine until the main event, we really were not interested in the opening act so it gave us a chance to just visit with each other which is always good. Here is a short video that I took of one of my favorite songs from the new CD-Slice, the song is called "Chances".

One of the things that I really love about John Ondrasik from FFF is his tireless efforts to supports our troops and he did announce that they were giving away copies of the CD for the Troops at the merchandise table so I was able to get one for my son. This was their 3rd one and this time John said that instead of music he enlisted the help of many comedians and put out a comedy CD which I think is fantastic!! I did download the first 2 editions for Robert but it was really nice to be at a show and get an actual CD, something tangible to give him. What I also love about John is that he tweets every time there is a gig that if any military would like to attend they just need to email him, in fact this is his post on his Twitter account from friday.

F4F Latest Tweet
Any Military who'd like to come to the FFF show tonight (Fri) in Atlanta e-mail

I had a super busy week at work and then yesterday Alex and I had quite the adventure getting to our bus out of the city what with almost missing the train in the morning and then finding out that the 3rd rail power went out in Penn Station! We had to get off the train in Queens and take 2 subways to get there and even then we arrived in Penn at 10:31 and our bus was at 10:30 so we high tailed it upstairs and practically ran the one block to where the buses leave from and as we turned the corner we saw our bus still there so we MADE IT!!

We are enjoying our day with Cole today but for some reason every time I come someone here is sick which is really beginning to get OLD!! I didn't get to visit last month if you remember because Alex was sick and now we are here and it is nasty and rainy and Cole is running a fever, so much for my plans of being able to take a nice walk. Oh well, at least we get to see him.

We are going home tomorrow morning and then I will be coming back at the beginning of April with Jesse and Nicole, he wants to introduce his bride to be to his aunt Nancy and uncle Paul and of course his baby cousin, Cole.

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