Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's see if I can catch up a bit

I really do like to use this blog to keep track of our lives and to share some of my scrapbooking but more importantly it is a way for me to "journal" so that when I am ready to scrapbook some of the photos I can come back and read what I had to say about a particular day or event and it helps me to keep the memories fresh in my mind.

July 29th was another fun "field day" for Alex and I and I had gotten us front row tickets for the Gazillion Bubbles show and we had a really nice time together. They had a booth set up in the lobby of the theater where you could have your picture taken inside a giant bubble so of course I had to get it!

It was fun to scrapbook this day and I used a lot of different techniques on this 2 page layout from stamping to inking and I also used liquid glass on the bubble in the photo but you can't really see it on the picture of the layout. I used some ghost lettering for the title and filled it in with purple stickles and I used a ton of circle punches all over both pages to finish it off. I tried to pick up the colors in the bubbles with my photo mats and I think it turned out pretty well.

On the 30th I took a laotian cooking class at the library where I work and we made some delicious treats and I learned quite a bit and even made my first spring roll and boy where those ever good!

July 31st was my friend, Laurie's, open house for Close to My Heart and I had a good time and completed a 2 page layout with a beach theme that I am not going to have a problem slapping pictures on, that's for sure!!

The first week of August was a whirlwind of music for me as I mentioned in my previous post. On the 1st I attended Rock of Ages for the 4th time and it was the best ever because the audience was so into it and we were all rocking out! If you have the chance to see ROA, I totally recommend it...if you love 80's music and can't get to NY by all means pick up the original cast recording, you won't be sorry!! Click on the link to preview the music!

On thursday the 6th I saw David Cook live for the first time and it was a fantastic full on rock concert! I was so glad that I went and my friend, Sue, and I had a great time together. I thought a lot about mom that night because she and I both loved David on American Idol and when he won we were both shocked and excited at the same time, I still remember being at her house in Florida caring for her and we were watching the finale of the season that night and when he won we screamed! Amazingly enough I learned that David's brother, Adam, lost his battle to brain cancer 2 weeks before mom passed away so we have that common connection and one of the songs on his CD is about his brother but he stopped performing it live back in March because it is just too hard for him now.

Friday night the 7th of August was my 7th time seeing Rick Springfield live and if you had told me a couple of years ago that I would see him that many times I would have told you that you were out of your mind! The first time I went with my friends Sandi and Arlene I really didn't know what to expect but I had a fantastic time and loved the music and every time he comes around on tour now I try to catch him and lucky for me he does like to play at one of the local theatres out here where I live! I posted the photo in a previous post that someone caught of me in the crowd.

I enjoyed doing this layout as a way to remember the night of the concert and this will likely go in my "Book of Me" at some point. The lettering was done with Core'dinations cardstock that I ran through my Cuttlebug to emboss and then I used sandpaper to distress and bring out the color of the 'core' of the cardstock, I like the way that turned out. All I needed was the 2 photos and some journaling and I was done with a quick and simple page. I used purple on the mats and picked out a paper with purple in it to pick up the purple in my blouse.

I had wanted to check out the American Idol tour because I really loved this season and mom and I had watched it together up until she went into the hospital and she didn't see the finale but we both loved Adam and although I was shocked that he didn't win I know he will be a big star. On the afternoon of the 11th I picked up some awesome seats just to the side of the stage and I persuaded my friend Laura to go with me and boy did we have a great time!!! This picture of us is kind of dark but you can see our vantage point of the stage and that's what I like about it. Funny...I'm wearing the same top again and Laura wanted to know if that was my concert shirt when I got to her house to pick her up! I didn't even realize it when I put it on that morning!

So even though Kris Allen won the Season Finale it wasn't hard to see who the real STAR was that night just by the level of screaming that was going on when Adam was on stage, it was just that he is a performer on top of having an amazing voice and sorry to the Kris fans but he was somewhat boring and bland but if you like that kind of music it's all good. Mom liked Adam...but then she always did go for the ones who put on a better 'show' up on stage.

Once I had my fill of music it was time to pack and get myself going for my scrapbooking weekend in Connecticut but that will have to be another stay tuned!!


ScrapnKel said...

I have my blog for the exact same reason...journaling to check back on for scrapbooking. It sure helps when you don't have the time to get the pics developed before you forget what was happening! What a fun month you had! I know the Idol tour had to be great as well as the others. I keep you in my thoughts...hugs!

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Great work!! I love all the fun pages you created! I also use my blog for the same thing.