Saturday, August 08, 2009

Enjoying my music!

It truly is summer for me this year because I've been able to get out and enjoy some awesome music and the company of my friends all at the same time!

Here is just a sneak peek of what I've enjoyed in the past couple of weeks.

July 15th I enjoyed a great Nickelback show at one of my favorite places to attend a concert...the BEACH!! The best is the 2 hours of tailgating I did with my friend, Arlene...catching up on the last few months of our lives since we hadn't seen each other in a while.

David Cook at the Nokia in Times Square on thursday night...I love my American Idols! David was my mom's favorite and we were both so happy that he won back in 2008...I remember that was one of my many trips to mom's house in Florida to stay with her and take care of her and we watched the finale together and we were wootin' in up when he won. Mom would have loved to go to this concert with me.

My 7th time seeing Rick Springfield last night...from the 3rd row this time, amazing seats!! I only shot one he is doing a cover of JET!

There is still plenty more summer fun to come and I have a lot planned for the next few weeks. I see many scrapbook pages in my future!

**Edited because I found a picture on the internet that someone took last night and me and my friend are in it!! Whoo!!! Now that is going in a scrapbook!!! My face is just to the left of his bracelets, I'm wearing my purple top...I think I was watching the other guitar player or people watching...Arlene and I like to watch some of these crazy women and see what they're wearing, quite the entertainment! One girl was wearing dark blue eyeshadow and a glittery top and she was in the front row across from us dancing and pointing at him every time he came near her section and Rick was totally ignoring was quite comical!


ScrapnKel said...

So glad to see you are enjoying and I would be enjoying all of those as well!! The boys and I are big fans of Nickelback and David Cook. The radio goes UP on those songs in the car. ;) Rick Springfield sure takes me was the first concert I ever went to in highschool! Thanks for the videos!!

Laura said...

Very Cool! I'm glad you're having so much fun. And that picture is classic - it looks like you're thinking "You are not really wearing THAT are you lady?!" :)

Ginger said...

How cool to find a pic of YOU at the concert! Looks like you've lived it up girl! Good for you!

June said...

Finally getting caught up with your blog, this looks like you had a wonderful time - love the picture of you and your friend!!