Monday, August 25, 2008

Tropical Storm hits Florida

Man oh man...was mom ever upset about this storm that wreaked havoc on Florida...because she wasn't there to make sure everything was ok! I have to say that we prayed for the best and we got just what we's house didn't take on any water at all which is a miracle if you look at these pictures!!

It won't be long before the flip flops need to be put away here in New York so I took mom shopping and we found some really nice warm and fuzzy slip on shoes that she likes! :) I hope they keep her feet toasty this fall.

I haven't had much time to post lately....but I have been keeping busy and will try to get caught up soon.


Just A Scrappy Gal said...

I sure hope we can keep the flip flops around for at least another month or so. Winter was JUST here in my eyes, I'm not ready!

Amazing her home had no damage with all that water!!

ScrapnKel said...

Wow! So glad she didn't have water damage!!! That's amazing and hope this next one coming this weekend isn't bad either. Oh we'll have those flip flops around for many more months...I'm jealous! Cute shoes btw!

paula said...

Yo....cute shoes but I am NOT ready to give up my flip flops!!!
Whose pookie?
Its been far too long....when are we doing lunch dude???
Miss you...
Glad momma's house is look so much like her!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Linda, it looks just like Iowa did back in June! ;) Maureen and I had been wondering how your mom's house was faring with all that water from Fay. Glad to hear that no damage was done!
Also glad to hear that your mom has met her doctor and that things are under way to battle her cancer. Time is so precious----I'm so glad you KNOW it is an agressive cancer and can make the most of this time. I wish so very much that we had known my mom's cancer was going to take her sooner rather than later---- it was so slow and insidious.

Give Denise a hug from me!


Ginger said...

Those water pictures are amazing! So happy there wasn't damage. Long live FLIP FLOPS!!!

Anonymous said...

nice slippers
hope Robert is ok in florida
love Madeleine

mama j said...

were those photos from her neighborhood? we didn't get a LICK of rain, from Fay. It was .....odd.

Got tons today though--I thought it was from Gustav, but dh said "too soon" just our "normal showers" but MAN--I had to walk across the street and the water was 1/2 way up my calf!

love that you're "thinking ahead" with her shoes....that's my kind of planning!