Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friday Update

It was getting to be time for us to start thinking about updating our kitchen and our appliances but I'd been putting it off and even I have to admit that our stove was getting really bad, too many spills and things burned on the top of it and the drip pans were replaced countless times but still no matter what we did it was never 'clean' enough. Once mom came to live with us she let us know that the stove was unacceptable and every time she walked by she would say it was gross or disgusting and we kept saying, "But it works fine, it still cooks..." but eventually after 2 weeks I relented and went out and got a new stove and it's my first ceramic cooktop, I just hope it stays nice, I've been anal about cleaning it every time I use it and I bought an electric griddle to use whenever I fry anything so that I don't get grease on the stove.

Naturally when the delivery men were here Alex spotted the box for our stove and wanted it and I told him he could have it but then he noticed they also had an empty refrigerator box and that was even more enticing so they let him have's been in my living room ever since!!

Jesse keeps telling me how much he loves that grandma is here with us now and that he's getting to spend time with her...we all are and we're lucky.

Pookie really loves our screened in deck and has claimed our storage box for her own personal hang out.


June said...

Linda, looove the stove. You will get used to keeping it clean.

Isn't there just something magical about large boxes, they have so many possibilities. Love the pictures with Alex.

So glad your Mom is with you, she looks so relaxed and all of you are getting some wonderful time with her. I know it's precious for you especially.


Anonymous said...

nice stove

Denise look better more relax

see you soon

love Madeleine

mama j said...

New appliances are great! But, better yet-the boxes the come in! My boys would be doing the same thing---but oh oh oh, I can't stand a large box in our small townhouse for too long....."Oops, Daddy didn't know you were playing with that and took it to the dumpster" has squeaked outta my lips on numerous occassions! LOL!

Love Jesse hanging w/ Grandma-via the hot tub! Too funny! Looks like everyone feels right at home, esp. Pookie (sorry if I got that name wrong).

Nice to read an update. Thinking of you often.