Monday, August 04, 2008

Bathroom pictures

It occurred to me that I haven't posted any updated photos of mom's completed bathroom in our home so I figured now is a good time as any.

Yes, that is a bar of Ivory soap in the soap dish but I can tell you that it has now been replaced with Dove, are you happy Nancy?? HAHAHA!! Nothing is too good for our mom, right?

We had a nice visit tonight from my stepbrother, David and his wife along with their adorable kids. Alex and Tyler hit it off instantly and played in his room for the evening while the adults visited. We hope to visit them at their home soon so that Alex can enjoy the pool and hang out again with his new found 'cousin'. It was great for mom to see her grandchildren, that's for sure.

Mom also went out to lunch today with our neighbor, Nilda, and she had a lovely time and a yummy bowl of clam chowder soup and some whole wheat toast to go along with it.


ScrapnKel said...

Oh that's very nice! I bet she loves all that you do for her, what a great daughter you are! Also nice to hear she had fun with your neighbor...and i love clam chowder!

mama j said...

You and your dh are such an incredible blessing, to your mom! I was laying in bed, praying for you, the other night and begin to think about how blessed she (mom) was to have such giving family members. You're constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

sandi said...

WOW! The bathroom looks great!

Anonymous said...

Lin, the bathroom looks wonderful---you have hit all the important things, like the handrails by the toilet and in the shower, and the shower chair! After my knee replacement, I came to LOVE my shower chair and even now that I am all recuperated, I sometimes wish I still had it! So great for
Denise to be able to do as much as possible on her own.


Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks FANTASTIC!!!

:) Mary

Paul & Nancy said...

Phew, glad that soap got changed out!

June said...

Linda, it looks great, you and your family are doing a wonderful job helping your Mom. Y'all are just such a blessing! Praying still for your Mom, you and your family.