Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No special reason to post tonight...just some recent pictures I haven't put up. Mom was tired of the bedding she had and wanted a change so she picked this out at Target and she loves it...for now anyway! :-)

Last night Alex was my helper and helped me prepare dinner, I'm so lucky to have him and I will truly miss these special days when he's older and doesn't want to hang around mom as much. I cherish all of the moments I have with him while he's still a little boy and so close to me.

Jim came home from work tonight and was playing a little guitar and mom was enjoying the serenade and parked herself on the corner piece of my sectional that I have by the window in the living room. It was actually pretty funny because I looked up and she was sitting there. :) Ignore all the plastic bags...Alex was working on another 'project' yesterday and was trying to make a parachute again!!


Ginger said...

LOVE the new bedding. Very nice! I'm LMAO at Alex and his parachute! Priceless!!

Sandi said...

Gah! A serenade! I'm jealous!!!!

mama j said...

what's he cooking? do tell!

love the bedding-I've seen it...dh would divorce me if I EVER considered putting ANYTHING remotely "feminine" on our bed....LOL! it's beautiful!

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

She picked well with the bedding..it's very nice! I love that your little boy will cook with you! I hope B is that way still as he ages. I can see that he's already wanting to favor daddy a little more...boo!