Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surprises ROCK!!!

So I have been planning this for about 3 months now and only a few people knew about it and I have been anticipating the surprise for so long I couldn't wait!! Back in May I booked 2 plane tickets and made the decision to come down and visit mom for a week but I thought it would be fun not to tell her or Alex until the time came for it to actually happen. It's been hard to keep the secret and a lot of things came up along the way that might have spoiled it but it happened and I'm so excited to be here and having a good time!!

The way that I told Alex was to create a treasure hunt for him and he started it in his bedroom with the first note and clue. We continued throughout the house with all of the clues and notes that I had left around for him like a beach ball, a butterfly, Mickey Mouse ears, "I love grandma", subtle little 'Florida' and 'grandma' clues. When he finally found the last clue he had to go upstairs to find the green suitcase and in it was a boarding pass. Once he read it and realized what it was he said, "I'm going to grandma's?? Alone??" Then I told him that I was going too and he ran downstairs to tell dad, he was so excited that he ran back upstairs and packed in about 5 minutes!! :) We made our flight by the skin of our teeth this morning and managed to get here on time with no problems. Once we were here I parked around the corner and called mom on her cell and she knew that I was supposed to be at work today so I made believe like I was on a break and told her that I had a surprise for her that it was in the mailbox and she had to come outside. When she did Alex went running around the corner and the rest is history!!!


Anonymous said...

What fun to surprise two people. :) I hope you three enjoy your stay.

Anonymous said...

It worked!!! What a great tale Lin. I can just imagine your mom's response to Alex running up to her, brings a tear to my eye.

How awesome that it was a surprise to them both!


Laura Q said...

That's too cool, we did that years ago when Ryan was just a baby. We drove to Indiana without telling Marks parents. We put Ryan in the infant carrier on their doorstep and rang the bell and we hid! They were shocked!

Hope you guys have a blast!

mama j said...

That ROCKS Linda! Wish I had known....I may have tried to meet you--but this week SUCKS since school started...have fun--it's awfully HOT here....that's such a fun way to surprise everyone--did she cry?

Linda said...

She sure did. :)

mom/grandma said...

wow wow wow what a fun week,thank you for the great suprise.