Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some new pictures of my scrap space

So I've had a few requests to see my scrap space and since the last time I took pictures some things have changed in here so I guess it was time to update with new pictures. First of all this is my desk where I email my friends, blog and post on the messages boards. I watch TV in here too, when I watch...which is usually only when American Idol and Dancing With the Stars are on...I don't really watch much tv at all.

The entrance to my room is to the right of my desk and just across the hall is Alex's bedroom so when he's going to sleep he can talk to me across the hall and it makes him feel safe if I'm in here. He usually will tell me, "Mom, go in your scrapbooking room please and stay there!" hahaha! :)

This is my cutting table where I have my paper trimmer, my Cricut, my Sizzix with 2 alphas (so far) and my Xyron PCS. I got the dust covers for those on Ebay, I love my Marines cover on my cricut! :) On my bulletin board I keep random stuff and pages that I like to look at. I have my first ever layout on there, it makes me laugh when I see how simple my first attempts were.

My other table where I sit and prepare and work on my layouts.You can see both of my tables from this angle. I love my lamp, it gives me a great amount of light for when I am scrapping and with my eyes, I need it!!!

The craziness that is my pegboard, I dump everything on there!!

My closet with all of my stickers and other supplies.

More storage, my punches, my scraps, my cardstock.

Here I keep pictures, albums and other things.


Anonymous said...

I would never leave!
That seals it though, you will never see my desk. I like to call it "organized" clutter.
Luv the barn doors, that's cute.

mom said...

well I call it your studio,It is very nice and you dont need to go shopping for a while you can open a srapbooking

mama j said...

Man, my jaw is on the floor--now THAT'S A ROOM! Ummmm, you don't have to buy anything for years....look at your stash!! GEE WHIZ!!!!!!!!! Okay, going to see if I can find my full set of teeth, from under the desk........

SWEETPEA37814 said...

you have no idea how envious I am.It is like a store.Man I canonly imagine all the goodies you have in there.Thanks for sharing the pics take care Sherrie