Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Happenings

So do you slow down at this time of year and start to hunker down for the winter months? I admit I truly do not enjoy the cold and dark months of winter but I do love the month of October with all of the leaves changing color, the harvesting of delicious corn and other fun things to see and do!


I started off my month by going to a show at Radio City Music Hall and enjoyed beyond words the playing of The Fellowship of the Ring on a huge screen accompanied by a 300 piece orchestra along with choirs that were so talented that at times I had to be sure that it was live music and not the actual score to the film being played, they were so perfect!!!




I am really looking forward to attending the showing of the 2nd film, The Two Towers,  at the same time next year.  There are a lot of great videos on You Tube if you want to get an idea of what it was that my friend and I experienced together.   We were in the 3rd mezzanine but honestly the screen was so huge and we were there to experience the score from the film so it didn’t matter where you sat in the venue.  Another bonus was that Howard Shore gave a talk before the show began and he discussed his current project, the filming of The Hobbit which is due out in 2011.


The next day was a gorgeous fall day and I took Alex to the pumpkin farm and the Middle Earth corn maze (keeping in the theme of the weekend?)  Is there anything better than roasted corn drenched in butter?  Seriously, one of the highlights of the fall months, in my opinion.


03 We enjoyed our corn and then Alex decided to go into the corn maze with his friends Jesse and Angelina who were with us while my friend Margie and I got to sit in the sun and enjoy some adult time while the kids were off having some fun.  The entire maze was in the theme of Lord of the Rings including the entrance, how cool is this? 

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Finally we picked out some pumpkins to carve and made our way back home but not before a quick stop at one of our favorite places, the Gingerbread University, to get a cookie treat before finishing off our perfect day.




The following weekend we headed to Virginia to spend some quality time with Cole (oh yeah, Nancy and Paul too…hehehe) and I was thrilled that Alex didn’t have a cold so he was able to really play with his baby cousin and feed him and he enjoyed it by the looks of things.  On saturday he didn’t even get out of his pajamas and we sent Nancy and Paul out for lunch and some shopping so that we could have our special Cole time.  We are looking forward to visiting again soon.

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april said...

october is my favorite month to
it's so nice outside but this year we had it very cool 32 degree in the morning nearly cold...
Cole is getting big fast?

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

You know, I've always wondered how that corn is, is it worth the money?

Love the photos of your baby with the baby :)

ScrapnKel said...

Awww what a great update for October! I love corn! Alex looks so happy with his baby cousin. What a sweet sweet sweet face little Cole has. Wish I was there kissing on it! :)