Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November creeped up on me!!

Wow...I can't believe that it is just 2 weeks until Thanksgiving!!

Today is Veteran's Day and I am grateful for the 2 vets in my life, my husband and my son who are somewhere tonight celebrating and playing music.

I've been busy the last couple of weeks that's for sure. Those who know me wouldn't be surprised to hear that I've been to some concerts in recent weeks. On the 22nd of October I had the privilege of seeing Five for Fighting live for the first time!! What a great acoustic show, I couldn't have asked for a better evening with my friend Paula. John from FFF is such an amazing person and a great supporter of our troops, I have to say that my favorite song on the latest CD has to be Note to the Unknown Soldier...incredible song!!

On the 29th I took an indian cooking class and I learned a valuable digestive system doesn't like curry...nope...that will not be in my diet ever again...but it was a fun class all the same. Alex had a good Halloween this year and was able to go Trick or Treating with his friend, Sean.

I started the month of November off with a great day in the city with my good friend Sandi. We had lunch at Junior's in the heart of the theatre district in NYC and then we saw an Off Broadway show, The Altar Boyz. I didn't know what to expect but it was hilarious and I truly enjoyed it!

November 4th I spent the evening with my favorite greek boy, Constantine Maroulis and my friend Paula. WOW...A NIGHT AT THE ROCK SHOW was a great night and I totally enjoyed every song that he did...there is nothing quite like 80's rock music.

This past saturday I went to a Pampered Chef show at my sister in law's house. Ok...I have to admit that I had never been to a Pamperef Chef party before and I didn't know that to expect but I had a great time and ate amazing food and learned a lot! One of the things that I didn't realize was that I had a lot of Pampered Chef stuff already...from the stuff that mom had in her own kitchen that I inherited...I didn't know a lot of it was Pampered chef...but now I I'm planning to have my own party in December because now I want more stuff and the best way to earn free stuff is to have your own party, right?? :-)

Tonight I am watching the CMA awards and I can't help but think about mom...I think about how much she loved Tim McGraw and him coming out of retirement and how she would have loved to watch this show tonight.


april said...

nice to read you thinking of you love Madeleine xoxoxo

ScrapnKel said...

Sounds like a great start to November! I know what you was so hard not to have Mom with us at Thanksgiving this year. Have you read The Shack by William Young? Also really liked 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. Great reads and really inspired me. Hugs to you my friend.

april said...

allo their