Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I am so behind in my blog

I really need to get caught up because I know when I get ready to scrapbook some of these adventures I won't remember a lot of the details and that makes me nuts!!

On August 23rd we went to CitiField to see the Mets play again and Alex brought his friend, Matty, with him since we had 4 tickets and Robert didn't want to join us this time.

We had really nice seats, even though we were in the outfield we were front row and having been up in the nosebleeds the last game this was a better vantage point in my book! We enjoyed our afternoon and the game was pretty exciting even if the Mets lost. We were threatening in the end but the Phillies pulled off a triple play to win it! It was insane. **Note to self-do not get tickets to a Mets-Phillies game next season...too many Phillies fans make the trip to NY and are annoying!! HAHAHA!**

August 24th and 25th I took Alex to the beach. Honestly I have to say that even though we live just 3 miles from the Atlantic ocean and the beach I have never been a beach person but for some reason this summer I spent some time on the beach and realized that I have been missing out! Look out next summer!! I have lived on Long Island for almost half of my life and I had never been to any of the Fire Island beaches which is pretty funny. On the 24th I was meeting my good friend Paula to spend the afternoon at Sailor's Haven with our kids. You have to take a ferry over to this beach and it was so wonderful to spend the afternoon there because not everyone will spend the money to park and then pay for the ferry over but it was so worth it because it was not crowded and the kids had such an amazing time together which allowed the moms to just relax and chat.

Alex being silly on the ferry ride!

The water was so warm and the kids really loved swimming and spending time together, I think I have been missing out all these years and I plan to enjoy the beach more next year for sure.

"Mom, can we come back here again tomorrow?"

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