Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Every day we get is a gift from GOD

I have truly learned the truth in that statement in the past 10 days. I know a few people have emailed and wondered why I haven't blogged in a bit here and the reason is we have had another family tragedy to contend with and I'm still reeling from it.

On May 17th I woke up to a frantic phone call from my husband telling me that I needed to get to the hospital because they needed a family member there to authorize treatment on my nephew who was in a really horrible car accident. My hubby along with his brother and sister were out in New Mexico for a long weekend to lend support to their mom as she is dealing with her husband in the final stages of cancer. I rushed to the hospital to find my 29 year old nephew, a best buddy to my Alex, fighting for his life in the emergency room. I later found out that he was not breathing and had no heart beat when they brought him into the hospital but that they brought him back and he was hooked up to machines to keep him alive and breathing until family could arrive.

Fast forward 10 days and so much has happened including Robert flying home from Hawaii to see his cousin and be here for support while I had to fly down to Florida in the midst of all of this and care for my mom for a few days. Through the advice of a caring social worker on my mom's care team I was able to admit mom into a nursing/rehab facility so that I could come back home and attend to my husband's family. Mom was very understanding and told me to go home and she would be fine and I am grateful for that because it made it easier on me to leave her there and fly home on saturday night.

Tomorrow should be a big day because the neurosurgeon who did the surgery to relieve the pressure in Jason's brain will be returning and hopefully all of the test results will be back and we will have some answers as to what needs to be done. I am amazed at the way this family has pulled together and become stronger through all of this. In the face of possibly losing his only child my brother in law, Jack, has made the hardest decision any parent will ever have to make and that is to give the gift of life to others if his son is not meant to continue on in this life.

I ask for prayers of strength for our family as we go through the next few days. I have a 10 year old little boy who loves his cousin and misses him so much already and doesn't understand why he can't go see him in the hospital. These two are such good buddies even with the age difference between them Jason always treated Alex like a little brother, not a cousin. He was always there for him and took him fishing or crabbing with him every chance he got. I hope and pray for a good outcome to this and if it is not meant to be I pray for peace for our family as we work through this tragedy.


Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Oh my goodness...my heart goes out to you and your family during this rough time. Praying that all comes out well! Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

My prayers and thoughts to you and your family at this time. My God bless you and your family, today and always.

SWEETPEA37814 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.I pray for a positive outcome for all of you

Laura said...

Wow, this is just too much to have to deal with! Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself too, my friend.

Ginger said...

Linda, I'll be praying for your family. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, too! :(