Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So today I was home all day and decided it was a good day to bake cookies to send to my favorite Marines...I just love the smell of fresh baked cookies on a dreary and rainy day, don't you? I think I made 12 dozen chocolate chip cookies and I bagged them with my Seal A Meal so that each of my Marine sons will be receiving 5 big yummy cookies in their next round of packages. I put them all in the freezer until I'm ready to ship them out.

I'm changing jobs at the library and I've decided to leave the video room for now and head out to the floor and work with the books and other material for a change of pace...I think I'm going to like it once I get the hang of it. I've gone in 2 nights this week to train with one of the page captains and I've learned quite a bit but a lot of it will just be stuff that I need to learn as I go along. :) I'm still working some shifts in the video room so I've been putting in extra hours and my scrapping time has really suffered as a result of that but I did manage to get a challenge finished up today thank goodness because the deadline for it was today!

I'm really enjoying the new Chris Botti cd and I find that it has helped me relax so much this past week just listening to his music and I especially love the track with Andrea Bocelli on it...his voice is so soothing, the man has an incredible gift from God.


Anonymous said...

Linda, I am so enjoying all your posts!! I checked out Chris Botti on youtube, WOW!! Definitely going to be picking up some of his music.

I know your boys will thoroughly enjoy all the cookies and treats. I'm going to pick up one of those food sealers hopefully this weekend so I can do some cookies for Christmas.

Thanks for sharing all your pics and pages!


Paul & Nancy said...

Hmm.. I think you might have to send me this Botti guy. Poor Alex, you're always shooting pics of him sleeping. Not a moments rest!