Saturday, September 01, 2007

So busy since I got back from vacation

Wow, I haven't really had time to get caught up since I got home from my week in Florida. I got home on tuesday and had tons of laundry to get done (none of it mine or Alex's of course) and other stuff around the house that needed my attention. My desk is still a mess but I'm getting to it little by little. I'm still unpacking from my last crop and I have a weekend one coming up in a few weeks so I have to finish putting everything away so I can start prepping for that.

We had such a great time in Florida, this was a really stress free vacation for us. Alex and I just hung out and went to the pool, the beach, the arcade, out to eat a couple of times and of course lots of trips to Walmart. I managed to hit up all 3 scrapbook stores in the area that I wanted to and only spent $5 at one, $11 at another and the last store which was one of my favorites in previous trips I actually walked out of empty handed!! I think the fact that Jesse works at AC Moore now has ruined me...I kept saying in my head, "I can get that at AC Moore for cheaper with Jesse's discount and a coupon!" hahaha! Oh well, I saved my money.

One of the highlights for me and Alex was that FINALLY after all these years of us going to Florida 2 or maybe 3 times a year and never having the Shuttle take off or land while we are there we got lucky this time!! While we didn't actually see it with our own eyes we were outside standing in mom's driveway and we heard the twin sonic booms when the shuttle broke the sound was so freaking awesome!! We then ran in the house and watched it land on TV!! Alex thought it was really cool!!
I mailed a package to Robert along with mom on monday while I was there and now the Marine says to slow down on the packages...but he did want his travel guitar so I put that in a box and mailed it out to him this morning, hopefully it makes it over to Iraq ok.


mom said...

we really enjoy our week together and of course I really enjoy my big you .xoxoxoxo

ScrapnKel said...

I hear you...since the summer ended, i thought i'd have more time with the boys at school...HA HA HA! So much for that! Great pics and so glad you all had a nice trip in FL!