Sunday, April 03, 2011

The past 2 days...

...have been a bit of a and spring cleaning, pretty much.

On friday we finished up our window by the page desk with all of the "Create A Critter" little guys I cut out with my Cricut, I made caterpillars for all of the pages and then different 'critters' for the page captains as well as Ellen and our supervisor, Ms. K. Mine is the snail in the grass.

The director at my job is a big Yankees fan so she had a little opening day celebration in the staff lounge complete with hot dogs, pizza, peanuts and I decided that the Mets fans need to battle back and show our love for the Mets so I'll be putting something together on friday which is opening day at Citifield this year. I started working on these last night, I have a few things up my sleeve. I know a few people already said they want to help out so I hope it will be a fun little get-together and a way for us Mets fans to battle back and eat some goodies in the process, as well.

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Nancy said...

Ohhh the window is soo wonderful. Bring your gypsy so i can cut some of that too!