Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I’ve been up to lately

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks since I last blogged and I wanted to post so that I don’t forget any of this when it comes time to scrap the pictures in the future since I am always so behind in my scrapbooking.   I did complete a few layouts here and there so I figured I would share these, for anyone who cares to look.  I know that I first started this blog back when I started scrapbooking for a way to let mom see my layouts and now that she is no longer with us I keep the blog going to remember my day to day happenings.

100_0788  100_0778


The weekend after Jim and I went to the Zebra concert I drove down to Virginia with Jesse and Nicole so that Jesse could introduce her to his aunt Nancy and uncle Paul and of course baby Cole.  :-)  Nicole had never been to DC so I agreed to take her downtown for a little sightseeing and she and I spent pretty much the whole day walking around seeing as many sights as we could…we must have walked 5-6 miles total that day, what a great workout but man was I bushed when we got back to Nancy and Paul’s place!!!   Just some random photos.  Here I am with some beautiful cherry blossoms near the Tidal Basin, most of the trees were already past the bloom stage but we did manage to see a few so I was happy.  I am hoping that next year I will be able to go down when all of the trees are in bloom. 


 01      We walked around the entire basin and saw the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, The Korean Memorial, the White House, the Vietnam Memorial 0204and then on the way home we got off the Metro at Arlington so that I could pay my respects at Senator Kennedy’s grave again, some of you might remember I was there last summer with Alex shortly after he passed away from a glioblastoma and I felt that connection in that mom had the same tumor so I wanted to go say a prayer at his grave again and Nicole was kind enough to oblige me.




I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with little Cole on this trip but he was sick when I was there and wasn’t feeling his usual happy self so I guess it was ok.   I am hoping to spend lots more time with him on my next visit which is actually coming up really soon!!!



Just this past sunday I went into the city to meet up with my friend, Sandi, again.  We had a delicious lunch at John’s Pizzeria which if you’re ever in NYC I totally think you should eat there, the place is great and the pizza is delicious!!  We had the whole wheat crust and also split a salad.  After our lunch we walked and walked…and walked!!  We went to check out the Greek Independence Day parade for a while which was up by the south side of Central park and we went to the Container Store and then we walked back to Penn Station to head home, all in a all a great day and according to Sandi’s pedometer we walked 8 miles that day!!

01 When we walked by these planters the fragrance just hit me, it was so strong…we just had to take a photo with these beauties!!!

Just 2 days later I went out with my friend Laura to a wine tasting that was hosted by the guitar player in the band, Train.  Laura and I always have a great time when we hang out and I was happy to spend some time with her because I probably won’t get to see her now until the summertime.  I enjoyed the merlot they had but only had 3 tastings so I was really proud of myself that I didn’t go over my points values for the day since I am trying to be strict on Weight Watchers again these past few months so that I can shed the extra pounds I put on over the winter months.


Laura and me

02   03

These are pictures of me with Scott Underwood who is the drummer in the band and Jimmy Stafford who was hosting the event that night.

I have been training really hard for the 5K that is coming up in just over a week now and I think I am more than ready!  I have raised almost $400.00 thanks to the generous donations of family and friends and I hope that I will make everyone proud next sunday.  I know that mom will be looking down on Nancy and I as we complete that 5K and I also look forward to volunteering after the race to help clean up once everyone goes home. I know that Alex will be a big help and make his grandma proud of him, too.  I look forward to sharing photos and more from that day.

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Laura said...

I had so much fun with you that night! :) Thanks for dragging my butt onto the subway - I'm not scared anymore! LOL

Looking forward to our next adventure together!