Sunday, December 13, 2009

My visit with Cole

Last weekend I traveled down to Virginia for the weekend to spend time with Nancy and Cole, Paul had been scheduled to take the day off work and go fishing with some of his buddies on friday but as it turned out he hurt his back at work and Nancy had to take him to the emergency room on friday night because he was in so much pain and he was having spasms so bad. In the end I think there was a reason that I was there because I was able to stay with little Cole and Nancy didn't have to worry about her son while she took care of her husband.

I had a wonderful weekend with my nephew and got lots of hugs and laughter and giggles from him, he is really growing up so fast which is why I have a lot of trips planned to see him in the coming months thanks to Megabus!!!

I love the fact that I can take a bus and be there in about 4 1/2 hours and it costs me next to nothing if I book far enough in advance, this past weekend the bus trip cost me $9 round trip! Whooo!! I love the double decker buses, it is so comfortable and going home on sunday morning I was sitting upstairs and in the front seat so I had a great we are pulling out of the parking lot in DC and going through Chinatown before heading over to the northbound interstate.

Aunt Linda misses her little Cole already but I will see you for Christmas, I can't wait to show you off to Uncle Jimmy who hasn't seen you since July.

Just a little Cole love to share with my readers.


april said...

he is growing so fast...

mama j said...

U HAVE to email me details about the megabus....we'll be in VA this summer and that may be the perfect way to get to LI to visit D's family w/o me driving the boys that long way....where in VA does your sister live? Is it really onlly 4.5 hours? Heck, I may just drive it myself, adding 2 hours to that (thinking she lives in Northern VA). Let me know....Loved catching up on your blog! Cole is soooo precious-but ummm, I don't have to tell you that! ;o)