Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shark Tournament

On Saturday we went out to the Hamptons to see how Jack was doing in the Mako shark tournament. We were at the Marina waiting...and waiting.....

And waiting.....

Finally Alex saw Uncle Jack coming back but he said that the shark they got didn't qualify so they were heading back to his house so we got in the car and drove over there to check it out.

We saw one huge shark that someone else caught that we later found out was 380 pounds!! This is a thresher shark, it didn't qualify for the prize from what I was told because it was a MAKO tourney. Still an amazing huge fish to see in person, let me tell you...I was in awe!

Here is a picture of Alex checking out the shark that Uncle Jack brought in.

We ate dinner at Friendly's after our time out there and had a good meal and then came home to relax and settle in for the night...sunday would be our day to travel to Citifield for the Mets/Reds game.


april said...

big fish did you taste it?

mama j said...

OHMYWORD--to both sharks! It actually makes my heart flitter a little, thinking about how big that one far out do they go, to get those? Freaky! One more reason to love the sand/land more than the water! LOL!

I love that Alex is TRYING to look all cool and Mr. Suave, but you can see this slight "tint" of apprehension, in his eyes! ;o)