Sunday, June 07, 2009

Has it really been a week?

I can't believe I actually haven't posted in 7 days...I suppose I have been keeping myself super busy so as not to dwell on the sadness but also I have just had so much going on that I haven't had much time to sit and post.

My trip to Virginia was short but was it ever sweet! I am so glad that I got to spend some time with Nancy, Paul and Cole because I know all too well how fast babies grow at this age and I know when I see him again he will look so different and will have gained a few pounds from all of the good mommy milk he is enjoying. I took in that baby smell and by softness as much as I could and I rocked him after Nancy nursed him a couple of times during the night before I left to go home.

Of course being the little peanut that he is none of the 0-3 months clothes fit him so what's an aunt to do? Look at this face? Can you resist that? Of course we had to go shopping!! Cole had to see the pediatrician on wednesday so after he got checked out off we went to Babies R Us and I dropped a few bucks in there to make sure he had some outfits that fit him at least for the next couple of weeks until he grows into the bigger clothes.

I really enjoyed the Amtrak train and on the way back I managed to sit in the "Quiet Car" which I didn't even know existed but how cool is that? There is no cell phone use allowed (of course there is always the random idiot who thinks the rules don't apply to him and he always sits near me but luckily he only made 2 short and sweet calls or else I might have had to go off on him!!) and no loud talking so I took the quiet to my advantage and read the book that I had brought with me from work and in 4 hours on the train I read my book from start to finish!! I think that Alex will enjoy the train ride plus they give a discount of 50% to kids so I think I will ride the train down in the summer when I take Alex to visit his little cousin.

I have started to do more things for me now and on friday I had lunch with a really good friend of mine and we got caught up on each other's lives since we hadn't seen each other in a few months. Saturday was more of the same, meeting up with another good friend for a walk and quick lunch. After I left my friend, Paula, I stopped in at the hospice inn because when I got mom's personal items I noticed that the cd I had been playing for her the entire time she was in the hospice wasn't in the case so I was pretty sure it was still in the cd player in the room where she spent the last 13 days of her life and sure enough they found it and held it for me to pick up. I was amazed that the nurse on duty was the same one that called me to let me know that mom had passed away and she remembered me and came over to talk to me for a bit. Maria asked me how my son was doing (meaning Alex) and also asked how my brother was doing which I thought was so very sweet that she remembered everyone in our family.

I am working a lot more hours now which is a good thing since I am planning to attend a few concerts and Broadway shows in the future and will need the extra money to pay for all of that not to mention my scrapbook weekend coming up in August. I have also started back to my regular exercise and I am trying to walk at least 2 miles everyday which I have managed to do pretty well at the track near my house. Today it is raining so I'm going to go to the mall nearby and do my walking there and then hit the grocery store in the mall.

I hope that whatever you have planned in your life it includes spending time with someone that you love.


april said...

I love reading you
I am getting to know a little more

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

I wish I lived closer, I'd walk with you, but then again, you probably enjoy walking alone just as well.

I adore your little nephew! He's precious!

I'm glad to hear you are keeping occupied.


June said...

Linda, your nephew is just amazing, love the pictures!! Glad to hear you are doing some things for yourself, and planning some concerns and your next crop.


ScrapnKel said...

I am glad for the update, as I think of you so often. I am glad you are busy these days and doing more things for you. Your nephew is so very sweet and what a joy that you were able to spend time with him just after birth! Big hugs to you Linda!!