Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book sale

We are having a book sale this weekend at my job and I hope that we raise a ton of cash because the money will be going to our literacy department. Here is my friend Clifford waving to cars going by the library and my friend Gregory letting people know we are having a Used Book Sale. Greg was Clifford's designated "buddy" this afternoon because there is limited sight in that suit and he needed a buddy to help him not trip or walk into things. :-D

Mrs. Donovan does such a wonderful job in the literacy department and I have to say that for me whenever I can do anything to help them out it is a bonus to my job because when I see some of the people that come into the library to seek help to learn english it brings back many memories for me. As a young girl when we moved from Canada to New York I spoke no english and I attended some ESL classes to help me learn the language of the country where I was now living with my family. When I see the smiling faces of the adults and children who have benefitted from the ESL classes we offer at the library I am brought back to when I was a young girl struggling to learn english so that I could "fit in" and make friends in new surroundings.

Our "green bags" for $2 have been a huge success and it was a great idea to fill a bag with books for one price of $10!!!

We had a lot of customers on friday and saturday and tomorrow is the last day so I hope lots of people come out and support our sale.


april said...

hope you do well and realise your goal
good luke

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

What a wonderful idea! I hope you did well raising money!

Nancy n Paul said...

Your library is so cool.

June said...

Wonderful, hope it was as successful as you hoped!!