Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 Days without blogging??

Yikes I just haven't had the time to sit and blog the past 10 days or is just moving along so fast lately that I hardly have time to catch my breath some days before I hit the pillow at night. I'll try and catch up a bit tonight...we'll see if I get it all in. I love the fact that I have this blog and that I can come back to it and read back some of the things we have done over the months, it helps when it comes time to scrapbook certain events, as well.

A few days after the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks Jim told me that his brother and sister both saw the History Channel show "102 Minutes" and that they both saw Jason on it and it was a total shock, they weren't expecting it at all! It really hits you like a ton of bricks to watch home videos of someone who has passed away but to have that happen when you are just watching a random tv show and not expect it, well I can't begin to describe that feeling.

I had to hunt this down and get a copy of it on my computer so that I could have it to watch over and over and make some screen captures to print out photos from it. Jason was in NYC the day of the attacks and this was taken in Times Square, people were watching the news on the big screen and they were showing the towers collapsing. Jason was 23 years old and what a handsome young man he was...I look at this and still can't believe he's gone and it has been 3 months already.

Here is the video clip of what Jason said on the show.

Last weekend Nancy was here to spend time with mom and I did a lot of things for myself. Saturday morning I had an one hour massage and felt wonderful when I walked out of there, I will totally do that again sometime, it was worth every penny of the cost. I took myself to lunch and ate at my favorite chinese buffet and sat and read an entire magazine while eating my lunch slowly and without interruption, that was great. Did some shopping after that and since it was such a beautiful day I walked around the shopping center for about an hour. Jim, Alex and I went to dinner together later that night and enjoyed a nice family meal.

Sunday was another beautiful day here, the weather was picture perfect which was great since we went to the Hamptons for an outdoor party after my niece's baby's baptism. Alex loves it at Uncle Jack's and can spend the whole day just sitting on the dock fishing. You can see Jack's new boat in the background, Alex says it is a really fast boat and he loves to ride on it and go fishing.

I made a watermelon basket for the party and it went over very well...Alex said it looks like I made it to look like a baby carriage which I thought was funny, that wasn't really my intention but I guess it does somewhat look like one.

Dad and Alex have been busy working on a brand new and improved tree house in our backyard and I'll post pictures of that another time, I've been taking a few shots here and there to keep track of it as they go along.

Just to update on mom she is doing well, we went for an MRI yesterday and we should have the results next week at her next appointment with the oncologist. We are hoping and praying that it will show the tumors are getting smaller.

This weekend my brother and Michelle are coming up to see mom and then next weekend Nancy will be back and I'm heading up to Creating Keepsakes Convention in Connecticut!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to here from you
i love to read about you
it like I am getting to know you a little
see you soon
love Madeleine

June said...

Linda, I remember watching that show, too. Jason was a handsome young man.

Glad you are getting time for yourself, and things still seem to be going good for your Mom. Keeping her in our prayers.

I agree with Alex, that watermelon basket does kinda look like a baby stroller. It's really cute.

Love you