Sunday, May 07, 2017

Game #6

Another day at the ballpark on the losing end so I'm not 0-6 so far this season!! 
It was great to see my granddaughter and daughter in law at their first ever Mets game, I hope there are many more to come over the years as I'm hoping to instill my love of the Mets to my little girl and show her how to have fun at the ballpark!  She enjoyed her hot dog and every time I looked at her and said, "Lets Go Mets" she started laughing, it was so cute I can't stand it!!

Today's giveaway was Neil Walker batting gloves so that's a nice item to add to my collection!!  Got to hang out with our ballpark stampeders friends Gary and David for a bit before going to our seats to watch the Mets be shutout 7-0 after a spot starter had to come in from our minor league team!! Matt Harvey decided not to show up to the ballpark yesterday and as a result was suspended for 3 games in punishment and that included today's game that he was supposed to start for us!  Don't know what is going on with this guy but he better get his act together and fast!!  His career with the Mets is fading fast and it does not look good for him to have another team want him!! 

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